Thursday, November 22, 2012

How to set Wallpaper on your Android devise?

Wallpapers are images those can be set as background of your devices home screen which makes it more appealing and attractive to look.

Android supports following kind of wallpapers.
  1. Static wallpapers – Can be images, photos etc.
  2. Live wallpapers – Can still be images, photos but have some animation to it which keeps on playing or activates on some action. For example, water ripples on your screen when touched.
Note: Animated/live wallpapers tend to drain more battery as they use more system resources like CPU, GPU, Memory, etc. than ordinary wallpapers.

Follow these steps to set the wallpapers.
  1. On home screen of your device use the lower left button to activate menu listing Wallpaper option (see image on right). Alternatively, you can go to Settings->Display->Wallpapers. Select the Wallpapers option.

  2. You will be presented with multiple options. 
    • If you want to set a static image do following.
      • Select Gallery if you want to set the images shot from your camera as wallpaper or anything else in gallery.
      • Select Wallpapers if you want to set the predefined Wallpapers installed on your device.

    • If you want to set an animated/live wallpaper do following.
      • Select Live Wallpapers option.
      • You will be presented with a list of live wallpaper
      • Select one to load a preview.
      • Select Set wallpaper option at bottom to set it as wallpaper

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